Almost all of the dungeons of Ultima IX have the same goal: to find the glyph inside the column. Sometimes there are extra tasks, but this is the main reason to enter them. The dungeons of this game are tedious and at times annoying.


Despise Edit


Map of Despise in Ultima IX

Despise is the first dungeon in the game, and therefore it also is the easiest. The path is linear and there are no difficult puzzles or fights.


Hythloth Edit


Map of Hythloth in Ultima IX

For being the second dungeon in the game, Hythloth is especially annoying, Not only is a huge labyrinth, it also is dark and has numerous annoying puzzles. It also has an optional section, which is separately covered.


The Optional Path


Deceit Edit


Map of Deceit in Ultima IX

Despite losing all your equipment, Deceit isn't that difficult, it is more tideous and repetetive, and at some times even annoying (the sequences with aiming).


Covetous Edit


Map of Covetous in Ultima IX

Covetous is the only dungeon that has more than two levels. It is very difficult because of the huge number of Skeletons which alwas regenerate and the inability to cast spells.


Wrong Edit


Map of Wrong in Ultima IX

Despite at first looking frustrating, Wrong actually is a fun dungeon. Once you've learned the right timing to slaughter the guards before they can catch you, you are untouchable. Also the dungeon itself is quite varied and complex.


Shame Edit


Map of Shame in Ultima IX

Shame can be confusing. The whole dungeon has next to no enemies (although one of them is REALLY tough!) and essentially is one huge puzzle area. This can lead to frustrating moments, even with this solution.


Destard Edit


First part of Destard


Second part of Destard

This is the closest to classical Ultima Dungeons. Destard is mostly about survival and only few puzzles actually have to be solved. It is filled with a number of real nasties.


The Abyss Edit


Map of the Abyss in Ultima IX

The Abyss can be very confusing. The separation into four elemental planes, mixed with tough enemies and a hard to understand puzzle can cause a nervous breakdown.


Guardian Dungeon Edit


Map of the Guardian Dungeon

The final dungeon of the game. It actually is rather long and boring and linear, giving you little of a challenge, now that your equipment is so good.


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