This is a list of templates that can be used in the Codex of Editable Wisdom.

See Category:Templates for a complete list.

Article sourcing Edit

  • {{FromWikipedia|original article title}} - Use this at the bottom of the articles to indicate that the article was copied from Wikipedia.

Main articleEdit

  • {{Main|main article}} - For pointing at full articles

Spoilers Edit

Disambiguation Edit

  • {{Disambig}} - For disambiguation pages

Stub Edit

  • {{Stub}} - The ubiquitous stub tag

Image neededEdit

  • {{Imgneed}} - A tag for articles that could benefit from images



  • {{Lazarus}} - Just a note of warning for Lazarus-related pages



  • {{Delete}} - Template for marking pages that are redundant and need deletion.


  • {{LoreQuote}} - Quoting text in the Lore section of articles.

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