Edrin, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Inn of the Sleeping Bull

Edrin is a shepherd living south of Fawn on Serpent Isle who goes on a fantastic journey.

For some time already, Erdrin dreamed of the beautiful Siranush, unaware that the Dream Crystal he used as a pendant enabled him to do so. So these two had fallen into love. However, he then was hit by lightning from one Teleport Storm and changed into the parrot Ale.

In Ultima VII Part Two his brother Kane was unaware of that, wondering about Ale, while trying to get to Moonshade, hoping a mage could find out where his brother was. It took a long time, before the Avatar finally found out what had happened after getting the results form Gustacio's experiments. Finally Edrin was changed back.

Edrin was happy to finally be human again and told the Avatar his story, mentioning the woman he met in his dreams and how she had prevented him from going mad while being a bird. Indeed, the Avatar later met Siranush and witnessed her saying goodbye the Edrin, as she was now finally able to escape to the void to find peace.

However, they weren't separated for long. When Shamino the Anarch usurped the power in Moonshade, he murdered Edrin, effectively sending him to Siranush.

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