Effrem, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Moonglow

Effrem is the husband of Jillian, living in Moonglow.

When the Avatar talked to him in Ultima VII, it became clear that Effrem was a very conflicted person. On one hand he was real unhappy that his wife was working in the Lycaeum while he had to stay at home to care for their son Mikhael, feeling that he should work to have an income for the family. On the other hand he absolutely loved his son and proved while taking to the Avatar, that he was real good with children.

Sadly Jillian was blind to her husband's unhappiness and couldn't see how much he was hurting. Effrem further revealed that he didn't like how much Moonglow had grown, feeling that the city was so big now, that it was almost impossible to know everyone.

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