Elizabeth is a spirit whom the Avatar encounters in the Well of Souls of Skara Brae in Ultima IX.

When she was alive, she neglected her baby girl to the point of death, before eventually passing away herself. In the afterlife, she became tormented by the cries of her daughter and a feeling of loss she did not understand.

The Avatar found the soul of the child in the Spirit Realm and brought her to her mother. Upon being reunited, Elizabeth realized how much she actually cared about her baby, and understood the true spirit of Love.

After this, Elizabeth finally found peace and vanished with her daughter after revealing to the Avatar that the Candle of Love could be found in the ruins of Empath Abbey.

Trivia Edit

  • The concept of putting the spirit to rest is very much similar to Shamino's tale of Virtue that was released on the Ultima IX website.
  • It is possible for the Avatar to have obtained the Candle of Love at this point already, thus making the quest moot.

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