Ellen, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Trinsic

Ellen is the wife of Klog, the branch leader of the Fellowship in Trinsic in Ultima VII, sharing the administrative work with him. She seems at first nice enough, but it soon becomes obvious that she is quite a nasty person.

Christopher, the blacksmith of Trinsic, got into an argument with Klog a week before Ultima VII began. When the Avatar arrived, Christopher was murdered and Ellen and her husband seemed to have an alibi. Ellen also wasn't very helpful in the Avatar's investigation in Trinsic. When the Avatar listened to the service her husband Klog gave the evening after the murder, it became clear how Klog totally ignored Christopher leaving the Fellowship. The whole service was very distasteful and used the memory of dead Christopher to further the Fellowship's goals.

However, after obtaining the Cube, the Avatar got the truth from Klog: Klog had called Hook and Forskis to murder Christopher because the blacksmith knew of the Black Gate project. Ellen and her husband stayed home to have an alibi. This meant that these two clearly knew the true purpose of the Fellowship.

It is very likely that Ellen and her husband were arrested after the Fellowship was outlawed, and put to justice for conspiracy, high treason, and murder.

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