Elynor, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Minoc

Elynor is the branch leader of the Fellowship in Minoc in Ultima VII. She seems to be nice enough at first, but it is later revealed that she is a real bitch. She also actively sponsors Owen the shipwright as a celebrity member, advocating the erection of a statue of him, but drops him like a hot potato after he commits suicide.

The Avatar met her in Ultima VII in Minoc, when delivering a package from Batlin from Britain. A horrible double-murder of gypsies had occurred and the Avatar was tasked with the investigations. Elynor had an alibi for that night and was unhelpful and dismissive in the investigation, saying that the candelabra at the murder site was surely a plot against the Fellowship.

However, once the Avatar had the Cube, Elynor finally told the truth: she had been annoyed by the gypsies in Minoc, who almost all resisted joining the Fellowship. Two of them had been especially critical and had vandalized the local Hall. She had decided to "solve" the problem once and for all by calling Hook and Forskis, while the Avatar was busy in Trinsic. She had stayed home to have an alibi but was annoyed that Hook forgot the candelabra at the murder site, which pointed to her. This meant she was fully aware of the real purpose of the Fellowship.

Speculation Edit

It is most likely that she was arrested, after the Fellowship was disbanded, and put to justice for conspiracy, high-treason and murder.

Trivia Edit

  • The Avatar can choose whether or not to open the package. However, if the last is the case, Elynor will be red with anger.
  • Elynor also has an affair with Gregor. But they have to be caught in the act, which gets rather funny reactions from her.

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