Elysium is an old martian city on the Mars of the late 19th century, located at 20N 114E.

Like all other cities, the inhabitants had to evacuate into the dreamscape when Raxachk released his deadly plague. When centuries later humans arrived on Mars, the inhabitants egoistically took over their bodies while the humans visited the dreamscape, taking them to Elysium.

When finding them in Martian Dreams, the Avatar realized fast that the martians holding the human bodies hostage wanted no less than a solution to the body problem. However, re-growing martian bodies didn't work (as Prektesh had to experience the hard way), so with promises for robotronic bodies, the humans were finally returned to their bodies and the martians went to dreamscape until given their new bodies.

Inhabitants Edit


In Elysium

Martians Edit

Humans Edit

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