• Words of Power: ORT YLEM
  • Reagents: BP, MR
  • Circle: 2nd

Normal arrows and bolts might be fine, but against some foes they have not enough stopping power. Also, they tend to miss their target. Many warriors avoid missile weapons altogether because of these weaknesses, since they are mostly uselss.

Not anymore with this spell!

Casting this on a stack of Bolts or Arrows, turns these into Magic Arrows and Magic Bolts. These magical projectiles have truly fantastic cabilities. They do much more damage and never miss their target, being a homing weapon. Combined with a Magic Bow or Triple Crossbow this spell proves to be very powerful.

Trivia Edit

  • In Ultima VI the spell is even more powerful. It allows the mage to place an enchantment on a magical staff (Nicodemus for example sells them) that now can dish out fireballs or lightning. The enchantment can be repeated as often as wanted.

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