Evideous is a man with little of a life of his own. He literally has immensed himself into the delusion that just because he looks a lot like the Avatar, he can be like him as well. So Evidious dresses like him and tries to imitate him.

The real Avatar first met him just outside Britain's east gate in Ultima IX. Evidious spouted how much he looked up to the Avatar, but most of it was just gibberish, so the Avatar paid him little notice. Later, after returning from meeting the Guardian on Terfin, people suddenly accused the Avatar of not paying in the tavern and stealing a peasant's goat. The Avatar felt that this was Evidious' doing, so he searched for him and found him east of Britain after a hint from Orson.

Evidious played innocent and explained that he only wanted to do good, but the Avatar made it clear that he had totally failed and instead damaged the Avatar's reputation. The Avatar convinced Evidious to instead try to be himself, and to follow the Eight Virtues in his own way. That done, the Avatar returned to Britain, to clear his name.

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