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Fabozz, from Savage Empire
Species: Unknown
Savage Empire

The Great Fabozz is the spirit guarding the Urali Tribe on Eodon.

Fabozz receives his strength from light, which also is his greatest weakness, as his mind is bound to the stone sculpture of his head. Darden used this prior to Savage Empire to move the sculpture during the night into a dark cave, severely weakening Fabozz and bringing him under his control. Darden then used Fabozz's powers to make himself dictator of the tribe, and threatened the others with a controlled Tyrannosaurus.

However, Fabozz was finally freed by the Avatar, who used Jimmy Malone's camera flashlight to give him a power boost. Fabozz moved the sculpture to a safe location and then declared Darden traitor while allowing the Avatar safe passage and taming the Tyrannosaurus.

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