Farmer Bob

Farmer Bob

Farmer Bob is a farmer in Britain in Ultima IX.

Farmer Bob immediately recognized the Avatar from the Tapestry of Ages, and was thrilled to have the Avatar visit his farm, even though he was at first worried the hero might be another radish thief, like the young beggar Jared. He quickly told the Avatar that he was thrilled with the Aidon's policy, and was glad to see the poor out of Britain. His major concern was about the moons of Britannia, telling the Avatar that they had been acting erratic, thus making it difficult to time the planting of his crops.

After the cleansing of the Shrine of Compassion, Farmer Bob saw the error of his ways, and was upset that the poor had been exiled to Paws. He even agreed to give Jared a place to stay and a daily meal in exchange for his work on the farm.

Later, after the Avatar returned from Terfin, he falsely accused the hero of stealing his goat, mistaking the Avatar for Evidious. With Evidious's return to Britain, Farmer Bob apologized to the Avatar for doubting him.

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