Father Antos
Father Antos, from Ultima IV
Species: Human
Ultima IV
Location: Lycaeum
Description: old druid

Father Antos was a very important cleric in Ultima II; Only with his blessing could the Stranger buy the Force Field Ring in the city of New San Antonio.

The Stranger found Antos easily on Earth; however, in the normal time period of 1990 A.D., he was still Brother Antos. Therefore, the Stranger had to look for him in the future of the Aftermath, when he had become a Father. In the future the Stranger found him on Planet X, where he got his blessing to get the ring.

Later, the Stranger again met Father Antos (then a druid) in the Lycaeum of Britannia in Ultima IV. He helped the Stranger with a clue on where to find the Book of Truth.

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