Felix, from Ultima Underworld II
Species: Human
Ultima Underworld II
Location: Tarna

Felix is the prince of Fyrna on the world Tarna, who has become a prisoner of the Goblins, the servants of the Guardian.

Prior to Ultima Underworld II, Felix and his best knight Marcus were ambushed by Goblins under the command of Freemis. After their capture, Felix was forced to watch when Marcus' tongue was cut off. He was able to survive in captivity because of his food-producing box.

When the Avatar met him in the Prison Tower in Underworld II, he recounted the story of the fall of Tarna and how he had come into slavery. He then said that he would offer his food-producing box as a reward if the Avatar killed Freemis. However, the Avatar did even more and after freeing Garg, every Goblin in the tower was dead. Felix thanked the Avatar for his freedom and lived up to his promise, before leaving with Marcus to join the resistance against the Guardian.


  • The Avatar can tell Felix to leave too early, resulting in his death.

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