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For information on the moon of Britannia called Felucca, see Moons.


Trammel and Felucca

In the Ultima Online continuity, Felucca is the name of the one of the "facets" of Britannia. Felucca is the original facet from when Ultima Online was first released on September 25, 1997, and was the only facet for over two and a half years. The sorceress Minax holds complete dominion over Felucca, after Lord British was forced to abandon it. It was named Felucca only after the addition of the Trammel to help distinguish between the two. When Trammel was added to the game Felucca was transformed into a grimmer, more foreboding autumn-like environment to reflect the differences in playstyle between the two facets. Gravestones, bones, and dead trees are a common sight in Felucca. It is governed by a rule set which allows non-consensual PvP, and is faithful to the original rules of Ultima Online (although many things have changed).

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