Fenn, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Paws

Fenn is a beggar in Paws, begging on the streets together with his friend Komor.

Before the seven year drought, Fenn had been working for Komor, who had been one of the most wealthy farmers of Paws, being born from a wealthy family. However, the drought ruined him totally, resulting in him, together with his friends Komor and Merrick, ending up totally penniless.

Years later, in Ultima VII, the Avatar met him on the streets of Paws. By this time Fenn had it even worse than Komor, having lost both his legs. After a small donation, Fenn told his story. He wasn't proud of being a beggar, but he felt it was far better than what Merrick did by joining the Fellowship. He gravely disliked them and their Homeless Shelter. He questioned if they were truly as benevolent as they claimed to be, since the aid only went to Fellowship members. In his eyes that was purest hypocrisy.

While Fenn had little good words for Garritt, he liked Camille and Tobias, since they helped them and still followed the virtue of Compassion. So when Tobias was framed for the venom theft by Garritt, Fenn didn't believe it a second.

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