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The Fens of the Dead are a group of small islands in a river delta a short distance south of Paws. The islands consist almost entirely of noxious marshlands, and are rumored to be haunted by the spirits of deceased seamen and sorcerous liches alike. However, they are also known to house growth of the rare and expensive reagent Mandrake Root.

In the time of Ultima VI the wreck of the ship "Dutchman" could be found there, guarded by the undead remains of the crew.

Ultima V: Lazarus Edit

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In Ultima V: Lazarus, the Fens were slowly spreading their poisonous influence over Paws. A druid, Windfer, sensed this and asked the Avatar to find the source of the corruption. The Avatar found a Dark Reaper in the fens and killed it, thus ending its influence. Windfer later destroyed the Reaper's heart in order to ensure it wouldn't come back.