Feridwyn, from Ultima Underworld II
Species: Human
Ultima Underworld II
Location: Castle Britannia

Feridwyn is the leader of the homeless shelter in Paws at the time of the Guardian's first attempt to seize Britannia. He was a member of the Fellowship, but unaware of their real goals and was a true believer. The disappointment of the truth caused him to become somewhat cynical one year later. He is married to Britta and has one son, Garritt.

When the Avatar met Feridwyn in Ultima VII, he was leading the poor shelter in Paws. While a friendly, peaceful and warm-hearted man, his son claims that Feridwyn said that the poor are weak of character. As a matter of hearsay, the shelter's policy was to service only Fellowship members (see Alina).

He also was blind to his son's criminal activities. He believed Garritt's frame-up of Tobias for the venom-theft, telling as much to the Avatar. After being confronted with the truth of his son's theft and use of Silver Serpent Venom, Feridwyn indicated that he would receive correction.

The Avatar met Feridwyn again one year later in Ultima Underworld II, where he was locked into the castle by the Blackrock Dome, too. He still wanted to help people, but funding for the shelter was bad, and the truth about the Fellowship had hurt him a lot, making him cynical. Suspected of being the traitor, he was later proven innocent (the traitor was mayor Patterson).

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