Figg, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Britain

Figg is a tyrannical and downright petty man, who is being tasked with overseeing the Apple Orchard of Britain in Ultima VII.

After hearing from Weston how Figg had him thrown into jail just for the theft of one apple, while the man gave loads of them for free to the Fellowship, and helping Weston to get free, the Avatar decided to talk to the man himself.

Figg revealed himself to be a very dislikeable man, whose arrogance against anyone who he felt was beneath him, which included the Avatar whom he thought looked poor, was simply astounding. His extended rants about how all lower classes were a waste of space only added to the picture. He also outright called Weston several bad things and insisted on his version of the story, in which Weston was painted as a dangerous criminal.

However, Figg spoke in flowery words about the Fellowship, of which he was a member. He denied giving apples to them, despite Batlin openly stating that Figg gave apples as donation. His prices for apples were also grossly inflated, hinting that he was corrupt as well.

The Avatar left this unpleasant fellow alone after that meeting.

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