Finnigan, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Trinsic

Finnigan is the mayor of Trinsic during Ultima VII.

Finnigan, originally from Britain, arrived in Trinsic three years prior to the events of Ultima VII, and assumed the position of mayor shortly thereafter. At the time of the Avatar's arrival, Finnigan was approaching the scene of Inamo and Christopher's murder. Taking the word of Iolo, a friend of his, that the Avatar was genuine, he charged the hero with investigating the killing, although he initially had his doubts as to the Avatar's identity. During this time, he kept the city guard on alert, refusing to let anyone, including the Avatar, to enter or leave Trinsic without a password.

Finnigan was helpful in informing the Avatar of potential leads relating to the crime, and pointed in the direction of Spark, Christopher's son, and Gilberto, a guard who had been injured the night of the murder. He also was the first person to mention similarities between the crime and the murder of a Britain nobleman named Finister four years prior, something that he said could be better investigated in Britain, where the crime had happened.

Eventually, once the Avatar had satisfactorily conducted inquiries in Trinsic, Finnigan gave the Avatar a light quiz on Britannian geography to ease his last doubts, before revealing that the correct password was "Blackbird", and thus allowed the Avatar to leave Trinsic to go seek out the killers elsewhere.

In more general conversations with Finnigan, he commented that he lamented the seeming decline of the Eight Virtues, Honor in particular. He mentioned that the Rune of Honor had been stolen from the city by Sullivan, and that he felt the empty pedestal on which the rune once stood was sadly symbolic of the times. Like many people in positions of power at the time, Finnigan regarded the Fellowship as a positive force upon society, and did not suspect their involvement in Christopher's death.

Trivia Edit

  • Finnigan manages the copy protection, in that he will only give the password to leave Trinsic after the Avatar manages to answer the questions pertaining to the latitude or longitude of various geographical features, such as that the player would have to refer to the cloth map included with the game

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