A freshly created fire field

  • Words of Power: IN FLAM GRAV
  • Reagents: BP, SA, SS
  • Circle: 5th

Using this spell creates a magical fire field that will burn everyone that comes too close to it. However, its use is rather limited. If not cast on a narrow path, the caster's foes can simply walk around it, making the creation of the field rather pointless. Care should be take since falling unconscious on a fire field means certain death.

The spells Fire Ring and Flame Strike are much better suited than this one.


One of three energy field spells, alike except for the nature of the horrors they create. In Flam Grav causes the particular spot indicated by the caster to erupt into red hot flames. Any creature on that spot or that steps into that spot is seared by a wall of flame. Be careful not to direct this spell too close to friends or they shall suffer the same as foes. Sulphurous ash and black pearl project the burning fire to the chosen spot; spider silk holds it there a short while. The mix works best when blended over a flame.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)