A fire sword

It is well known that fighters have a general distrust of magic. Many, however, are willing to make an exception when it comes to magically-enhanced weapons—such as the fire sword. This blade of this wondrous sword glows yellow-hot, and constantly emits fire as if burning, making it far superior to normal swords. Using this weapon against beings whose abilities make use of fire, such as dragons or daemons, would be unwise. When pitted against most other foes, however, this blade shows its worth. As an added bonus, the fire sword emits light equivalent to a torch, acting as a never-depleting light source.

Fire swords are quite common to find in Ultima VII. One can be found in dungeon Shame at 5S 24W; another one is found in the armoury of Serpent's Hold at 157S 53E; a third lies in a chest southwest of Trinsic at 128S 3W.

According to Vetron's Guide to Weapons and Armour, the fire sword has an effectiveness rating of "8."

Trivia Edit


A Serpent Isle fire sword

  • Under Exult, the fire sound of the sword has been done away with.
  • Fire swords are also found in Ultima IX; the first of these is in the hedge maze beside the castle in Britain.

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