The effects of a Fireball

  • Words of Power: VAS FLAM
  • Reagents: SA, BP
  • Circle: 2nd

While defensive magic is good and just in its own way, sometimes more direct action from the magic user is needed. That is when a spell such as Fireball comes into play. Casting it hurls a flaming sphere of destruction at the caster's foes, setting them ablaze. Lesser foes are instantly killed, while stronger ones retain serious injuries. Its low requirements make it a favourite attack spell of many mages.

Explosion is a stronger version of this spell, while Iceball is its exact opposite. Both have their strengths, but don't manage to be as economical as the common Fireball.


When beset upon by evil, the spellcaster has many offensive tools at his or her disposal. We have discussed some of the indirect magics such as Energy Fields, but there are times when more direct action is required. There is a class of missile spells for such occassions, of which the Fireball spell is the intermediate one. All such spells call for the use of the precious Black Pearl for its power in the launching of projectiles. In the case of the Fireball, Sulphurous Ash is also called for in equal proportion, for its powers of fire-flash are integral to the creation of flaming missiles. Speak the name of your enemy when the spell is cast and your aim shall be unerring and your enemy will be devastated by the flames of the magical fires.

- from The Book of Mystic Wisdom (Ultima IV)

Vas Flam effectively gathers a great ball of flame, which may then be hurled at a foe. A simple spell, the great advantage of Vas Flam is that, aimed accurately, it will surely hit its mark and, just as surely, inflict damage. Combine common sulphurous ash and a single black pearl over a hot flame. When the ash has adhered well to the pearl, remove it and store it until needed. Cast the talisman at a foe while uttering "Vas Flam."

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

Trivia Edit

  • In Ultima VII the spell is also called Fire Blast.

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