Firedoom Staff

Despite staying silent about it, many warriors envy the ability of mages to throw around devastating fireballs at will. Some enterprising wizard must have discerned this, and produced the Firedoom Staff. This two-handed weapon can emit deadly fireballs at will, and is usable by both mages and mundanes alike. However, it tends to work better for lone fighters, since the increased risk of "friendly fire" with larger parties is simply too great to ignore.

Firedoom staves are seldom found in Ultima VII. The mage Selvyn keeps one in his tower at 7N 50W, guarded by ghosts; another is given by Horance after freeing Skara Brae from the terror of the liche; a third is rumored to be in the caves of Buccaneer's Den; another is found on the Isle of Fire in the Test of Love, after pulling a hidden lever behind the Stone of Castambre.

Lore Edit

Lethality personified. This staff, which hurls exploding fireballs that actually seek out a target, is perhaps the most lethal of all magic weapons created in the era of human-gargoyle cooperation. But, as with most of the more powerful magic weapons, its limited life span means it may fail thee at the worst of times.

- from Alagner's Book of Marvelous and Astonishing Things (Ultima VII)

Trivia Edit


Serpent Isle Firedoom staff

  • On Serpent Isle, Firedoom staves glow blue, and also shoot blue flames.

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