Fitch, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two

Fitch is one of Hazard's men who has drawn the short stick in Ultima VII Part Two.

After Batlin had hired Hazard and his men to kill the possessed Gwenno, the Wantoness Bane in her caused heavy casualties before they managed to kill her, allowing Batlin to catch the Bane. Hazard coldly left the injured Fitch behind. Fitch managed to hold out for some time, but it finally became too much. Dying, he met the Avatar at the exit to the Northern Lands of the Serpent Isle. He told the Avatar of the "horrible sorceress", before passing away.

Only little away from him the Avatar found the battle scene, proving that Fitch hadn't lied about how horrible the fight had been.

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