Flain, from Ultima V: Lazarus
Species: Human
Ultima V: Lazarus
Location: Skara Brae
Description: dark mage

Flain is a dark mage who is one of the leaders of the Oppression in Ultima V.

Prior to Ultima V, Flain had come to Skara Brae, to put the city under control, prompting the council member Hassad to flee to New Magincia. Flain ordered a moat constructed around the city, while he himself took quarter in a dark tower in the city's center.

In Ultima V, the Avatar met Flain after Judge Dryden told the hero to seek Flain's approval in order to enter the Oppression. The dark mage wanted either a word of power or the name of one of the hiding members of the Great Council. Giving him what he wanted under serious loss of karma, the Avatar was directed to Elistaria on Windemere for the Black Badge and given the current password of the Oppression: "IMPERA."

It is unknown what exactly had happened to Flain after the end of the dictatorship. His tower had vanished by Ultima VI.

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