Flindo, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Moonshade

Flindo is a rich merchant from Moonshade on the Serpent Isle, who is very unpleasant as a person.

Flindo had been travelling on the mainland and had booked a passage while staying at the Inn of the Sleeping Bull, when Captain Hawk decided that he couldn't risk sailing through the Teleport Storms. This angered Flindo so much that he bribed some pikemen from the Bull Tower to rough Hawk up, so that he would be all too eager to leave. However, they instead arrested him and since Hawk couldn't pay the fine of the greedy pikemen, Flindo was stuck at the inn.

The Avatar met him there in Ultima VII Part Two. Flindo was very full of himself and lamented that he was losing valuable time waiting at the inn, revealing to the Avatar that as long as Hawk was imprisoned, they'd go nowhere. However, he didn't reveal his own part in the mess. Flindo acted very rude towards the Avatar during that. Flindo went on to speak ill of everyone present at the inn, especially Ensorcio. That in turn made him reveal the backgrounds of Ensorcio's exile and his former master Vasculio and the whole story about Stoneheart. After a while that steered the conversation to the Mountains of Freedom and then the current Mage Lord, Filbercio. While Flindo had a healthy respect for him, he did imply Filbercio's womanizing ways.

Then finally they came to business. Flindo offered a deal: should the Avatar manage to get Captain Hawk free and persuade him to give them passage to Moonshade, he'd use his connections to get the Avatar an audience with the Mage Lord. The Avatar did manage to do so, and all of them managed to reach Moonshade.

Asking Flindo then later in his shop, he said that it would take some time, so the Avatar used the chance to get a feeling for the city. Some hours later and a message from Rotoluncia arrived, Flindo had managed to even convince the Mage Lord to give a formal dinner in the honor of the Avatar, holding word.

However, when the Avatar later was put on a mock trial by Filbercio, Flindo showed his true colors and backstabbed the Avatar, telling hefty lies to make sure that the Avatar would be thrown into the Mountains of Freedom. When some time later Shamino the Anarch invaded Moonshade, Flindo was killed in the crossfire of the mage duels, all his imagined importance meaning nothing in the face of total destruction.

Trivia Edit

  • One playthrough had hit Flindo's character perfectly. To cite: "Flindo is a fat asshole, but he's a useful fat asshole."

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