Floor, from Ultima III
Only appearance: Ultima III

The floor is an enemy found only inside Exodus' Castle of Fire in Ultima III. It only appears in the final room before getting to Exodus itself.

To protect itself, Exodus brought the floor in the adjoining chamber to life, and granted it the power to somehow attack intruders. The portions of the floor that deliver the attack are the only parts of the room that can be harmed, though unfortunately, the only way to locate these parts of the floor is to pay attention to where the attacks come from when a character takes damage. Fortunately, once the weak points are located, they are easily dispatched, destroying the floor piece by piece.

A similar enemy found near the Castle of Fire is the grass.

Some stats:

  • The floor deals 100 damage points per hit.

Lore Edit

The very bricks of the fortress rose up against them, and great is the Bard's tale of their struggle to reach their mortal foe.

- from The History of Britannia (Ultima IV)

Trivia Edit

  • The illusion of the floor attacking the player was created by the developers by way of a unique monster, like a mimic, that looks exactly like a tile from the ground. Each of the floor's "segments" is a separate monster, and the encounter is cleared when each of the segments has been slain, "killing" the floor.
  • Floor segments, like other monsters, leave a loot chest when defeated. If the player is standing on a chest when they are attacked by another floor segment, the background for the combat screen will be the default grass-and-trees. Against this green background, the floor segments are no longer camouflaged.
  • In Ultima V: Lazarus, a tombstone near the Bloody Plains has a humorous reference to the floor:
A knight, who had studied the lore, collected the cards, total four. He yelled at the snake to pass Exodus' lake but then he was killed by the floor.