In Ultima VII (both parts), eating is absolutely essential for keeping your party at full strength. However, each food item has a different feeding value. The feeding status of a party member is indicated on a 31 point scale, with 31 being full and 0 being starving to death. In this table, the feeding values of the various food items -meaning how much of the bar they refill- is shown.

The table tells us that all kinds of meat and cheese are very filling. Fruits and vegetables on the other hand aren't, and you shouldn't bother with drinks. Silverleaf Meal is totally useless and expensive (30gp in Trinsic!) and should be avoided.

The Everlasting Goblet acts as infinite food, but has a very low feeding value, thus using the spell "Create Food" with the Ring of Reagents -which eliminates all regent cost- is more economical.

Feeding Value Food Items
+31 Green CheeseGreec
24 Mutton, Ribs, Chicken, HamFood1
16 Beef, Deer MeatFood2
12 SausageSaus
9 Cheese WheelCheese
8 Flounder, PotatoesFood3
6 Fish n' ChipsFnC
5 Fruit CakeFruitc
4 Bread, Trout, PumpkinFood5
3 Cake, Banana, EggFood6
2 Apple, Cheese Wedge, Carrots, Rolls, GarlicFood7
1 Drinks, Grapes, LeeksFood4
0 Silverleaf, Alcohol in generalFood8

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