It is not exactly clear what Fraznium actually is. In general it looks like a gold-colored metal that can be either used to create objects, or to coat another object. Its use is more well-seen. Wearing a Fraznium-covered object on the body allowed passage through several magical barriers, as if they were not existing at all.

In Ultima Underworld II, the Avatar managed to get two pairs of Fraznium-covered gauntlets after helping the Goblin Blacksmith of the Prison Tower. With these it was easy to enter Bishop's cell and give him the spare pair for an escape. Later, in the ruins of the Scintillus Academy, the Avatar found a circlet made of Fraznium, and used it to break into the secure vault of the academy.

Trivia Edit

  • The blacksmith also is in stress because Mors Gotha had ordered lots of Fraznium gauntlets. The reason for the order is unknown.

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