Fritz, from Savage Empire
Species: Human
Savage Empire

Fritz von Hundlaben is an archaeologist and employee of Dr. Spector in Savage Empire.

The Avatar met Fritz hiding from Dr. Spector in a cave in the far north of Eodon. He explained how he been on many digs with Dr. Spector, and he had found some strange black stones on a recent dig in Guatemala. He showed the stones to Dr. Spector who began to experiment on them. Spector accidently drew Fritz and himself into the land of Eodon, much like how the Avatar, Dr. Rafkin, and Jimmy Malone came to be there.

Upon becoming stranded in the savage lands, Fritz agreed to supply food and resources while Dr. Spector researched a way home. One time Spector disappeared for weeks, and returned with a strange glow, claiming how he had discovered incredible powers to the southwest. He even brought a crystal brain as proof of his discoveries. He intended to use this newfound power to conquer Earth. After that, Fritz escaped with the brain and the other supplies, claiming he never wished to see Spector again. Fritz was more than happy to be rid of the brain when asked, and readily gave it to the Avatar.

When all the tribes were later summoned to Drum Hill, Fritz joined in the final fight against the Myrmidex, earning himself a few scars in the process, but emerging with his life. When the Avatar departed Eodon through the moongate, Fritz went as well.[1]

References Edit

  1. From text in Savage Empire endgame

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