Futurian, from Ultima Underworld II
Species: Talorid
Ultima Underworld II
Location: Talorus

The Futurian is a Talorid whose specialty is to compute the most possible future.

Meeting him on Talorus in Ultima Underworld II, the Historian told the Avatar a lot about what was needed to repair the damage that the Guardian had done, by creating a new, un-corrupted Bliy Skup. The Futurian said where to find the old data crystal for the job and also what had to be done to gain access to the Skup machine. He further told the Avatar to consult the Data Integrator for the other crystal needed.

The Futurian then warned the Avatar that he'd been forced to inform the Guardian, who had ordered to increase Vorz production and all Vorz to attack the Avatar. He had to report, or it would have meant death. Before leaving, the Avatar wondered why the Futurian could speak such good English. He responded that Talorus would have many dealings with humans in the future, even with Britannia, thus their grasp of language would be much better, as his already was.

A little later, the Avatar got help one more time from the Futurian, when there were problems with the Data Integrator. The Futurian sent the Avatar to the Dialogicans, who had detailed instructions from him for the problem.

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