Gargan, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Trinsic

Gargan is a shipwright in Trinsic during Ultima VII, running his business on the corner of Khalike Avenue and the Avenue of the Fellowship. He is of notably frail health, and his dialogue is interspersed by narrative text describing him coughing, sneezing and otherwise acting sickly.

Like other inhabitants of Trinsic, Gargan expressed sadness at the murder of Christopher. He eventually cooperated in the investigation, confirming Gilberto's claim that The Crown Jewel had left port for Britain before sunrise.

Gargan professed no real opinion of The Fellowship, claiming to be too old to give any mind to them.

Prices: Ships and Sextants Edit

Gargan will sell the deed for a ship for 600 gold.

Gargan will sell a sextant for 80 gold.


  • Despite being of bad health, Gargan has poor hygiene, which the Companions complain about.

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