Garok Al-Mat
Garok Al-Mat, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Despise

Garok Al-Mat is a mage and former reagent seller.

Three years prior to Ultima VII, the Britannian Tax Council drove Garok's reagent shop into ruin when he forgot to declare some of his income. Ever since then they tried to arrest him. Going into reclusion, the growing disturbances in the ether caused by the Tetrahedron Generator made his magic more and more useless and he started hearing a voice as a result of his madness, different from the Guardian, but had stayed mostly sane.

Trying to find the cause, he discovered that it must be in a dungeon, but he started to search Despise while Deceit contained the Tetrahedron Generator, and got lost. He was still lost when the Avatar found him. Garok at first feared the Avatar was from the Tax Council, but calmed down after being told this was not the case. After being told his story, the Avatar told Garok how to leave the dungeon. Garok thanked the Avatar with all his reagents before teleporting out.


  • Garok said to visit him in his hut in the mountains, but the only possible hut is inhabited by a rogue mage.

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