Garritt, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Paws

Garritt is the son of Feridwyn and Britta, living in Paws.

When the Avatar met him in Ultima VII, it became obvious that growing up with the Fellowship had a bad influence on him. Garritt was arrogant and described Paws as a dirt hole and its inhabitants as morons. He boasted with his skills on the panpipes and felt superior to everyone, except his father. He accused everyone not joining the Fellowship of having a weak character and parroted their propaganda.

However, there was more to him. After an accusation that Tobias had stolen some venom from Morfin, the Avatar searched Garritt's chest (Morfin had found the key) where he found the venom. Garritt admitted that he had been curious and enjoyed the venom and had framed Tobias to force him and Camille to join the Fellowship. However, he went rigid when the Avatar said he'd tell his parents.

Trivia Edit

  • Considering his arrogance, it should be no surprise that no one in Paws outside the shelter can find any good words about Garritt.

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