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Gauntlets of Quickness

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Gauntlets of Quickness

The Gauntlets of Quickness are very powerful magical gauntlets, once used by Karas the Quick. Wearing them makes the wearer much faster than usual, giving a real advantage in combat. They were thought lost in the War of Imbalance, but then it was revealed that the Avatar retrieved them with time travel.

Aram-Dol had stolen the gauntlets. After the Avatar had destroyed him in the Silver Seed quest in Ultima VII Part Two, the hero found the gauntlets in the Liche's treasure chamber, and put them to good use. It is unknown what happened to them afterwards.

Trivia Edit

  • The Gauntlets of Quickness give a +10 DEX bonus.
  • Wearing the Gauntlets of Quickness boosts DEX but not combat, so training the combat statistic will give better results while wearing these gauntlets.

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