Gelatinous Cubes
Gelatinous Cube, from Ultima I manual
Only appearance: Ultima I

The Gelatinous Cube tirelessly scours the dungeons seeking out sustenance. They are nearly impossible to see, but are often given away by the remains floating in their transparent bodies. Gelatinous cubes will eat and absorb anything - including all types of armor worn by unlucky adventurers.

They could usually be found in the deeper dungeons of Sosaria during the time of Mondain in Ultima I, but disappeared in the cataclysm following his destruction.


Ultima 203

A Gelatinous Cube approaches

Called 'dungeon-sweeper' by some, the Gelatinous Cube is a subterranean dweller that roams corridors in search of food. Their bodies are composed of a clear, corrosive, jelly-like substance which renders them difficult to see, but they may sometimes be detected by the remnants of armour or debris contained within them. They are omnivores, digesting anything they find after absorbing it into their massive bodies. Contact with a Gelatinous Cube hath ruined the armour of many a hardy warrior.

- from The First Age of Darkness (Ultima I)

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