Gertan, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Cove

Gertan is a fighter in Cove in Ultima VI.

The Avatar found Gertan recovering from the grievous wounds he suffered at the hands of the gargoyles, while at the behest of Geoffrey, attempting to liberate the Shrine of Compassion. Along with Artegal and Golron, he was the only survivor of the failed expedition. Gertan told the Avatar that a moonstone was located upon the shrine, but there was an unbreachable forcefield that prevented him from reaching the stone. He had no idea how this barrier might be overcome.

According to Kytyn of Britain, Gertan was responsible for recovering the eggshell fragments from the dragon Freitag that were housed within the Royal Museum. When asked about Frietag, he still fondly remembered the adventure.

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