Giant Scorpions
Giant Scorpion, from Serpent Isle manual
First appearance: Ultima VI
Last appearance: Serpent Isle

An adventurer should be careful when engaging these foes. While the Giant Scorpion isn't a difficult foe to kill, its sting contains a strong poison, which can cause death very fast. Even when dying, the Scorpion will do a last attempt to take its foe with it into death. But if immediate help is available, Giant Scopions are easy foes with little risk.

They can be found in dungeons or in the deserts of the Drylands.



Is there anyone who has not flinched at the site of an angered scorpion, its stinger poised to inject its victim with deadly venom? You are advised to keep moving when confronted by one of these armoured nightmares, lest you perish where you stand.

- from Compendium (Ultima VI)

This giant arachnid is a most fearsome creature, as its large size gives it the power to hunt even humans as food. It is fond of gripping prey in its pincers and then using its tail to inflict a paralyzing sting.

- from Beyond the Serpent Pillars (Ultima VII Part Two)

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