Also known as: Titans, Golems
Only appearance: Ultima III

Enormous, lumbering humanoids, Giants once freely roamed the Sosarian countryside in the Third Age of Darkness. Also known at the time as Titans or Golems, they were large and powerful, but not particularly bright. They were otherwise unremarkable, and could be defeated somewhat easily by a cunning group of adventurers.

They could once be found on the surface or in dungeons, but disappeared with the death of Exodus. Although similar in name, they were unrelated to the Elemental Titans of Ultima VIII. Those referred to as "Golems" may have only been some kind of large, experimental flesh-constructs.

As larger-size humanoids, Giants may be distantly related to the two-headed Ettins and one-eyed Cyclops.


These creatures have no special attributes, but their huge size makes them very formidable opponents. Watch out for the force of their War Hammers.

- from The Book of Play (Ultima III)


  • Although it is not known if other types of giants were also planned, Frost Giants were to be included in the cancelled Ultima X. Link: Ultima X Frost Giant

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