Gideon, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Skara Brae

Gideon is an innkeeper in Skara Brae in Ultima VI.

Gideon was a friendly older man who ran the 'Haunting Inn" along with his wife Marta. A lover of conversation, Gideon was more than happy to chat with Avatar about the recent murder of Quenton, his wife, and all the inhabitants of Skara Brae. Gideon told the Avatar a tale about how he first met his wife at the Shrine of Spirituality, and the two of them immediately fell in love. Gideon spoke extensively regarding the details of the death of Quenton's wife Elisabeth at the hand of Mondain's henchmen, and how he and Marta agreed to look after Quenton and Marney after her death.

He further explained the details of Quenton's death, and how he did not believe it was Gargoyles who had committed the murder, since the description he had heard of the Gargoyles did not match the murder. The recent sighting of Quenton's ghost by his wife had upset him because he did not believe his wife one to imagine things or scare easily.

Gideon felt that Trenton was the wrong man to be mayor, and he spoke highly of Yorl. Gideon further admitted that Stivius was an unusual man, and that Michael had become tangled up with the wrong crowd.


  • It is quite likely Gideon's tale is false since the Shrine of Spirituality is hidden within the Ethereal Void, and few know of its mysterious location.
  • It also seems unlikely that Elisabeth could have been killed by anyone working for Mondain, since he was killed many years before Gideon was even born. The truth was later revealed in Ultima VII.

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