Gigantopithecus from Savage Empire manual
Only appearance: Savage Empire

Gigantopithecus are huge, 12-foot tall gorillas that dwell on the mountain slopes of Eodon in sizeable clans. These primates are normally not a threat, since they are vegetarians and not aggressive. However, there are a few among them that occasionally run amok, and these are truly dangerous. Animals and man alike flee when a Gigantopithecus attacks. In Savage Empire, one of these beasts ran off with Halisa, the daughter of Halawa.

Thankfully these mad individuals only seldomly appear.


Family Pongidae. This primate is an enormous gorilla - like animal, standing some twelve feet in height and weighing in around 900 pounds, if my measurements of its tracks can be trusted. The native name for it translates roughly as the "black ghost" referring to the color of its hair and its solitary, normally shy habits. Though it does not seek out other animals - except for small rodents to supplement its otherwise vegetarian diet - it is a ferocious adversary when injured or angered, and the natives are terrified of it. Too, it is to be noted that there are occasional "rogue ghosts" who develop strange, deviant behavior, such as rampaging through the jungles and terrifying most men and animals in their path, or breaking away from their gigantopithecus clan and seeking to form new clans - often with smaller, intimidated "black ghosts" or even humans! In the Valley of Eodon, the Gigantopithecus dwells on the mountain slopes and ledges.

- from Ultimate Adventures Magazine (Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire)

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