Gilwoyai, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Gwani
Ultima VII Part Two

Gilwoyai (meaning ‘of the wind’) is an experienced Gwani warrior.

He'd been leading a hunting party of five to kill an Ice Dragon to get the blood that could save his Neyobi's life. However, the Dragons had expected them and slaughtered most of the group. Only he and Kapyundi managed to escape.

On their way back to the village they encountered the Avatar in Ultima VII Part Two. Gilwoyai warned the Avatar of the Ice Dragons. He also complained about his injury, for which he wanted to see a healer. He then told the Avatar that an ice raft to the north would get them to the Isle of Frost Dragons, if they wanted to try their luck.

Gilwoyai later was murdered by Hazard when he slaughtered almost all of the Gwani population.

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