Gladstone, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Minoc

Gladstone is a member and the leader of the Artisan's Guild. A no-nonsense man with strong opinions who nonetheless would show good manners.

Speaking with the Avatar in Ultima VII, he first spoke about his job and how he mainly did glassblowing and sculpting, creating mainly bottles and bowls. However, he also was experimenting with creating glass statues.

When asked about the current situation in Minoc, Gladstone sourly told the Avatar of how the Fellowship was trying to ruin the guild after they'd collectively refused to join them. That in return meant that the guild also wasn't on good terms with the Fellowship. The conflict about Owen's statue only increased the tensions. Gladstone also revealed how the Britannian Tax Council almost ruined them.

When asked about the recent murders in Minoc, Gladstone was unable to give any hints, but showed how much such a horrible crime disturbed him and hoped the Avatar would catch the culprits.

After the statue got cancelled, Gladstone's mood became better, revealing that mayor Burnside had commissioned them with creating something else on the already finished base in the town center. He hinted that it would be something great, but wouldn't give details, as they were still in the planning stage.

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