Glen D'Arc
Glen D'Arc, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Empath Abbey

Glen D'Arc is a mortician in Empath Abbey in Ultima VI.

The Avatar found Glen D'Arc to be a cold deliberate man who had little interest outside of his funeral home. Formerly from Trinsic, he had moved to Empath Abbey to avoid the sun. He preferred the cold light of the moon and rarely went out during the day. Glen told that Avatar that he thought those who died and were not resurrected were the lucky ones because they experienced true peace.

Glen D'Arc's major frustration was with his assistant Mole the gravedigger. He felt that Mole was incompetent and useless because he refused to dig several graves as was expected. With the help of the Avatar, Glen learned that Mole had not dug the graves because the shovel he had supplied Mole was useless. Mole was unable to afford a new shovel because Glen had failed to properly pay Mole's equipment expenses. When the Avatar supplied Mole with a new shovel, Glen allowed the Avatar to liberate the magical belongings of the unclaimed bodies at the funeral home.

Glen has a magically locked door in his workshop that apparently nobody other than him has ever looked behind. If the player unlocks the door, he will find that the room contains pieces of meat, hinting that Glen might be doing something rather unsavoury with the bodies he is provided.

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