Goblin Blacksmith
Goblin Blacksmith, from Ultima Underworld II
Species: Goblin
Ultima Underworld II
Location: Tarna

The Goblin Blacksmith is a rather stressed Goblin in the Prison Tower on Tarna.

When the Avatar met him in Ultima Underworld II on the fifth level, the blacksmith was very stressed and spoke about how he, the best blacksmith of Tarna, had been brought to this remote outpost for special services to the Guardian. And right now he was close to desperation, since Mors Gotha had given a huge order for Fraznium gauntlets, and he'd no idea how to make so many in such a short time.

The Avatar helped, suggesting to just coat normal iron gauntlets with a thick enough coating of Fraznium to achieve the same effect. The blacksmith was very thankful and when spoken to again, gladly gave the Avatar one spare pair of gauntlets, which the hero used to free Bishop.

When Garg was freed later, the blacksmith was killed by him when he massacred all the Goblins in the tower.

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