Gorgrond, from Ultima VIII
Species: Human
Ultima VIII
Location: Daemon's Crag

Gorgrond is a Sorcerer living in Daemon's Crag on Pagan.

When speaking with the other Sorcerers in Ultima VIII, they admitted that Gorgrond wasn't the brightest of them. Speaking with the man himself made it clear that he was a bit of a simpleton, but far from stupid. He told the Avatar a little about the enclave and their rules. He also admitted that he had no idea how old Malchir was, since Malchir was old even when Gorgrond was a child.

Siding with Vardion revealed him to be an ally of Vardion, being pleased that Bane was dead. However, siding with Bane made Gorgrond angry and he didn't want to speak with the Avatar any longer.

Gorgrond assisted in the ritual to summon Pyros and later bowed to the Avatar, when he had slain Malchir and got possession of the Tongue of Flames.

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