Gorn, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Meditation Retreat

Gorn is a powerful fighter from the world of Balema, transplanted to Britannia following an accidental encounter with a Moongate. He believes in a higher being called Brohm.

Gorn is originally a character from Origin's The Quest and Ring Quest games, which are set in the world of Balema.

He met the Avatar in Ultima V while as a prisoner in the dungeon of Blackthorn's palace. Upon being freed, he joined the Avatar's party.

In Ultima VI, he was found in the dungeons under Terfin and once again joined the party.

Gorn was last seen by the Avatar in Ultima VII in the caves behind the Fellowship's Meditation Retreat. The Guardian had pretended to be Brohm by speaking into Gorn's mind and luring him to the Retreat. Not wanting to fight his old friend, yet not wanting to anger whom he thought was Brohm, Gorn told the Avatar to leave.


  • The character of Gorn, a barbarian with a distinctive accent and devotion to the deity Brohm, was inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger's portrayal of the Crom-worshiping titular character in the Conan films.

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