Goth, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Yew

Goth is a prison guard at the High Court in Ultima VII and a really nasty character.

After Sir Jeff spoke of his doubts about Goth, the Avatar talked the man himself, only to at once realise that Goth was a really rude man without any kind of manners left. Talking further with him, it became clear that Goth was a very corrupt man, who wanted money for every single piece of information he gave. He also had no scruples selling the keys to the prison cells for a measly 20 gold pieces.

To add to his disgusting character, he also boasted to be obsessed with the female monk Aimi. This last piece of information was too much, and the Avatar left, disgusted with this scum of humanity.


  • If arrested, Goth is one way to get free by buying the key to the cell.
  • Goth must be really nasty, because going into combat mode near him, the companions decide to attack him on the spot.

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