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The Gringolet is an interesting weapon. Forged out of a spirit by a liche, its powers enable it to slay ghosts and other undead creatures very effectively (granting a bonus of 100% against undead).

The Avatar found the Gringolet in Ultima IX in Cove, and used it in Covetous to slay Lothar, the skeletal representation of the sword's spirit, making it possible to advance deeper into the dungeon. The Avatar later sacrificed it so that the way to the liche would be freed.

Trivia Edit

  • Gringolet doesn't have to be sacrificed; there is also an alternate way through Covetous to the lair of the liche, meaning that the Avatar can retain the weapon throughout the game.
  • The damage of this weapon is 35(min) - 65(max), double against undead.

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